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    NSW Defects - Property Developer

    Hi, Hi, I live in a strata complex and we are currently going through the defect process. Our building was a joint venture between two established property development companies. The company they formed to build our complex was conveniently de-registered after completion of our building, but...
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    VIC How to calculate a remedy for copyright infringment

    I've provided design and drawings to a property developer(his company actually, as he's registered a Pty Ltd company for this project). He's failed to pay my invoices, abandoned to pursue the planning permit, but took the drawings to the real estate agent for advertising and is trying to sell...
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    VIC Caveat by property developer over my land

    Hi all... Was hoping some is property expert can assist with this question. Bought vacant land in estate that had in the contract of sale a few clauses: one of which stated I must build within 2 years and any sale etc would get developers permission. There was also a clause that allowed the...
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    VIC Withdrawal from land contract and deposit refund

    Hi, I'm needing some guidance where my husband and I would like to withdrawal from a land contract of sale, and try and get our deposit back. The contract is quite iron tight where we are unable to nominate third parties not directly related to us, or where we are a 50% shareholder of a...
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    Is Property Qualified for First Home Owners Grant?

    Hello, My question is about the first home owners grant. If I purchased a property from a property developer, but the property had originally been sold off-the-plan and that sale fell through (I assume the previous buyer failed to get finance), does the property still count as "new"? Would I...
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    NSW Development Fines to be Paid to Council - What to Do?

    We have 266 acres 30 minutes south of Canberra in Royalla. Our land was in Palerang Council, now Queanbeyan Palerang Council. In June 2015, without any prior warning, I was charged with development without development consent by council and fined $1500, for putting 2 dams and some 800m of dirt...
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    VIC Urban Edge and Property Developer - Get Deposit Back?

    My partner and I purchased an apartment from the Urban Edge development in Carnegie last September. After months of pestering the agent as to why the development hasn't started, and continuously being told that 'they have nothing to tell us and it should start soon' we finally found out that the...
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    VIC Delay in Land Settlement - Are They Liable to Pay?

    The Property Developer set date for land settlement but the convayencer informed us that they will be delayed 1 /2 days as title of land not clear, money's owed, and now a couple of extra days at this stage, would they be liable to pay interest for delay on settlement?
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    NSW Child Support - Appeal?

    In 2010 I was ordered to pay child support. The Judge noted that the sale of my property to a developer owed me a minimum of $450,000. I was unable to pay $2,000 a month as ordered as the property developer would not pay. Finally in 2014 the developer went into receivership without paying. At...
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    VIC Signed Deeds to Property Developer - Girlfriend Changed Her Mind?

    Hi, I am hoping someone out there can help. My girlfriend has been pressured into signing a joint venture with a property developer that requires her to sign over the deeds on her property so he can knock it down and build two townhouses. She now realises how silly this was to do and wants to...