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28 June 2020
We are being sued for $140k in the local magistrates court and trying to get a rough estimate on costs of a lawyer.
We know they arr $300-$400 per hour but have no idea how much time we would be billed. Its a case whereby an ex husband had power of attorney on the wife to sell land on her behalf and hand written in the power of attorney document it states that he the attorney gets to keep the money for himself. She sold the land and now he's suing for the money because she forget to revoke power of attorney. The power of attorney was in 2007, they were divorced in 2010 and have been fighting in family court ever since.
Now I know every case is different but surely someone out there can give a rough estimate lawyer costs based on rough number of hours? $5k? - $10k.... $100k? just some very rough estimate