Purchased a faulty car from Dealer.

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7 November 2017
I recently migrated to Australia from NZ and (4 months ago) arrived in Newcastle. Prior to arriving I had talked to a dealer over the phone about purchasing a car on arrival after searching for the car on the net. The sales guy said the car i wanted was available. I asked him if it had serviced and rego he said yes everything is up to date and ready to be driven away. I arrived in newcastle and went to sort out finance and bought the car with hopes that everything was up to date. 1 week later i found out that the rego was not paid for and i got a fine. So I took it back to the dealer and they reimbursed me most of that money (80% of the fine). Now 4 months later, While driving back from sydney last saturday the car started jerking and on monday I took it to the Kmart Auto repairs and the mechanic there did test on the car and told me that the car had not being serviced from 72,000kms (I purchased at 110000kms) and now the car has done 116000kms. So, I took it back to the dealer with the report from the mechanic saying you guys lied to me that the car was ready to drive away but it had no rego initially and now i found out that it has had no service done. The car engine has seized and their are chunks of sludge inside the engine and the mechanic said that I will have to change the whole engine. But I bought this car from a dealer knowing that these things would be done and when I took it to him today he denied saying it was a drive away. He said they dont service cars and sell. I said that it should be their responsibility that the car they sell is roadworthy and should be serviced.
Coz the car i was sold was not serviced for so long. Yet knowing this still they sold me the car and on top of that they lied to me saying it was ready to be driven away. They said they cant do anything about it since it has been 4 months and that they sold the car without service coz they were not obliged to sell with service done.
I am very disappointed and heart broken to have gone through this and could have never believed a registered dealer would cheat like this. I paid $9000 for the car and I am still paying off, now he said will have to pay $6k to replace engine. Please help me and advise what I can do.?


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6 April 2016
Servicing is not roadworthy.

You did not check the service history, you did not check the rego, just blindly jump in and start driving then surprised things happen!

I don't really understand how the rego was not paid? You dont get rego in the first place UNLESS it is paid? Then by law you have 14 days to change over the rego unless the dealer was supposed to do it for you?
Obviously without rego it was NOT a driveway and hence, that was false advertising.