SA Private School Enrolment - Ex Refuses to Discuss - Options?

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6 August 2014
I want to enrol my daughter at a private school in case she wants to go when she starts middle school. she is in year 4 at the moment so I have asked her mother to discuss this as I need her signature on the enrolment forms. She refuses to discuss and has told me she won't sign as she is not going to a private school. I haven't said that she is but in case this is what my daughter wants then I need to get her on the waiting list. What are my options?


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23 July 2014
I would invite the mother to mediation and discuss future schooling options there. Do this as soon as possible so as not to miss the waiting list, but just be prepared that if the mother agrees to send her to private school, she may do so on the proviso that she not pay schooling fees. If the mother refuses mediation, place your daughter on the waiting list just in case.