NSW Privacy Issues

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16 November 2021
Hi, I'm new to the forum. I wanted to know if I can get into legal trouble if I send an ex tenant's outgoing report to their agent. The matter is complex. They caused damage, we ended up sacking the agent, and NCAT is a waste of time. This is only to give the new agent a "heads up" of what could potentially occur, when they vacate.
So can anyone advise me, if I send the outgoing report, there is nothing other than pictures of damage and dirt in the photos to their new agent, I could legally get into trouble? (Not interested if the ex tenant threatens to sue and rant off).

Next question, a company we did business with, handed over invoices of ours not relating to the property without our permission. ( the ex tenant contacted them to confirm a purchase after we had mentioned the company's name to the agent. ) The company is a large company with greater than 3 million turn over. If feel that this company has certainly breached the Privacy Act.