NSW Privacy Laws and rental properties

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15 August 2021
Hello, can anyone tell me what the privacy laws are regarding the following;

1. My husband & I are landlords and recently the tenants in our property left the property in an unreasonable condition. We ended the agreement with the agent and in the end it was too much so my husband and we wore the cost approx. $4600.
2. I would like to know what are the possible implications of the following;
a. sending the new agent (I know who they are) the photos of the state the property was left in, as a heads up plus the outgoing report from the previous agent and
b. these people are in Australia on a temporary visa. I want to send all the issues, supported by emails and date stamped photographs to the Department of Home Affairs ( I have the evidence of their visa ) because really should not be allowed to extend their visa (its due in October 2022) We will be engaging a solicitor (but that is another problem in itself) because the extenants) are claiming $250K damages unsupported by any evidence. No need to comment on this, its just so there is context regarding the matter.
If anyone can provide some insight that would be great.