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The modal verbs of English are a small class of auxiliary verbs used mostly to express modality (properties such as possibility, obligation, etc.). They can be distinguished from other verbs by their defectiveness (they do not have participle or infinitive forms) and by their neutralization (that they do not take the ending -(e)s in the third-person singular).
The principal English modal verbs are can, could, may, might, must, shall, should, will and would. Certain other verbs are sometimes, but not always, classed as modals; these include ought, had better, and (in certain uses) dare and need. Verbs which share only some of the characteristics of the principal modals are sometimes called "quasi-modals," "semi-modals," or "pseudo-modals."

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  1. N

    Momc requests one time change to custody for xmas. How should I respond?

    We don't have final orders yet. We broke up 9 years ago. We had a great relationship, not just amicable but lovely coparenting for years. I had the kids 6 nights a fortnight, and would spend an extra night or three at her place parenting the kids. Until I ran out of money and couldn't pay...
  2. B

    SA How Soon should One Execute a Will?

    My father-in-law died last year, bequeathing his share of his family home to his wife, my mother-in-law. His daughters are the two joint executors of the will, which they have not yet executed. My mother-in-law’s health is fading, and she is struggling to remain in the house, which is still...
  3. V

    VIC What should be stated on payslip??

    Should your status of employment be stated on your payslip?? Whether your casual or permanent? My son is employed by a company that not only is paying him below award wage! There is no written contract, but his payslips don’t show his employment status is that right what there doing with his...
  4. N

    QLD My business partner who is the managing director is doing wrong things and asking me to say nothing. What should I do?

    I am in a very sticky situation. I joined a business that was supposed to be all very well set up and tax compliant. Long story short, I found out that the business is not compliant with Tax regulations. I am just a shareholder and a non executive director. In our directors meetings I...
  5. R

    QLD Company Offering To Discuss Mutual Separation - What Is Minimum I Should Accept?

    Hello, With one company for a long time, then it was acquired by another company. Role title and position description did not match (removal of technical skills). I was then bullied my multiple people and it not sufficiently dealt with. Multiple incidents have happened recently which have now...
  6. 1988rsf

    VIC Should mechanic fix my car

    Yesterday I took my car for a minor service, I waited outside for 1 hour before he rolled up hungover. He preceded to do 45 min work and charged me 380, and I paid upon arrival back from getting a coffee. He took me through and I asked if he turned off the light that has been indicating it...
  7. L

    NSW should I sue agent for negligence and mismanagement?

    I renovated my unit 5 years before, gave to agent a brand new unit. agent find tenant very quick, but did not send me any tenants information. I find that inspection report skipped damaging photos including benchtop, floor etc. cost over $4000 to fix up and plus 3 months no rental income...
  8. chihim1992

    What are the laws that all employer should know?

    Hi there, I'm currently doing some research for my company and need some help.. My company has a new project in Australia and they are going to hire some local people I'm current trying to prepare some draft for the employment agreement, I'm just wondering what are some most important laws that...
  9. C

    NSW Someone sued me. What should I do?

    I was served with a Statement of Claim yesterday. What should I do about it?
  10. M

    NSW Should I settle for this outcome or go to court?

    Hi everyone, I separated 12 months ago, and have three kids who reside mostly with their mum. We’ve agreed a percentage property split (at the mid-range of both lawyers views of where it would settle in court). My ex wants me to pay for extras above Child Support (towards extra-curricular...