QLD Owed Money By Ex Fiance - How to Get It Back?

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12 October 2014
I signed a personal loan contract with my ex fiancé and he stopped making payments earlier this year. There is still $7000 debt owing at least. He lives in New Zealand and I live in Australia. How do I go about getting the money owed from him. I'm planning on taking him to court or debt collectors, but unsure how I get started. Do I need a New Zealand lawyer?

Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
You can initiate the action here in Australia. If your ex-fiancé has any assets in Australia, then should you succeed in your action, you can place a charge over these assets or go directly to his bank account if it is located in Australia. Given the amount you're claiming, you can initiate in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Have a look at this page of QCAT which explains the application process for recovering debt.