Overcharged Electricity Bill by Origin Energy - What to Do?

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27 August 2014
Hope you're all doing well,

I have a problem with my electricity provider, A few years ago they changed one meter in my electricity box and put in a digital meter with digital display instead of the old analogue type,. Recently that meter went blank, they replaced the meter and gave me an estimate that is $2500 difference to what I normally pay over the last 10 years.

My energy provider is called Origin Energy, they took it over from Integral energy. I rang Integral energy, very nice people, and they looked at my record over the last 10 years and they were shocked at this estimate. I have tried over and over to reason with Origin Energy and they will not listen to me nor Integral Energy. They treat me like dirt on the phone, they sent me a letter recently they will cut the electricity if I don’t pay the amount of money.

I can not afford a lawyer, I don't know what to do under Australian Consumer Law.

Best regards to all.


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11 October 2015
Hi Tony,

What an unfortunate situation!

My suggestion would be to get in contact with the Energy and Water Ombudsman. Hopefully they would be able to suggest what to do next.