Noisy Neighbour causing health problems

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Steve R

25 July 2020
Hi everyone,
I'm in New south wales(NSW).. In my apartment building, my neighbour above floorboards are not accosuticly good. Lots of noise and vibrations from the doorslams(tenants are noisy).. It's causing sleep deprivation/concussion symptoms/repeated head trauma/memory loss/heacaches/sore neck/psychological stress. I haven't been able to work and have had to turn down two jobs due to concussion from these noise vibrations(door slams above, eg loss of income)..
Im taking the neighbour to NCAT as mediation at fair trading failed and he refuse to spend on floor boards.
But seprately, the civil law pain and suffering these Noise+vibration problems have caused(health problems as I put above). Can I sue my neighbour here. It's not an owners corp problem as it's an internal wall eg ceiling. It's not common property.
These health problems this NOISE has caused is real. Do I have a Case here to sue my neighbour who is the owner of the apartment above.
P.S- types of noise+vibrations(door slams/thuds from dropping furniture/cubbard doors slamming/thuds from people walking around in the apartment)