NSW No Court Orders - Ex has taken full custody

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Shaylah lacy

3 March 2020
My ex and I have no court orders in place he took our two daughters 5 years old n 4 years old and he has told me I have no rights and his new girlfriend from Dec 2019 is he won't let me see or speak to them at all he takes our 5yr old to school late n gets her early.
S 5 has told my 10 year that my 4yr L had a break down wanting me n to come home my 5yr old said his new gifriend told my 4 Yr old i domt want them shay is scared dad's gonna hurt me if she see me then started crying I have 5 girls that live with me including shaylah and lacy I would like to get a recovery order as quick as possible my daughters are being emptionly a d mentality abuse how can I get the. Back. Ihe has tried to put a avo pm me for a year meaning I had every right to stop and get ajih n kiss n. Leave he punched me whilst holding my youngest n the. Rip. Her out of my arms I reported it to police but no charges I am truly afraid for not only my safety but all of my children's safety