NSW Neighbour parking on land directly at the rear of my property, within an estate community

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18 June 2018
I'm looking for advice in relation to my neighbour parking their vehicle (or their friends vehicles) on the land directly behind my property, often blocking rear access to my carport via the back laneway. The entrance to our carport is right next to our garage, which is also accessed via the back laneway. The back laneway provides two-way traffic for residents. The cars are most commonly on our land parked between 4pm - 11pm.

For context, the property is a freestanding house in a strata estate.

A few questions:
  • Is the grass area at the back of my property still considered to be part of my land? If so, what are my rights as the landowner?
  • My next door neighbours currently rent the property. Is there any course of action via the strata / estate rules, local council or can we contact the homeowner directly to provide feedback?
Any advice is welcomed.


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6 April 2016
These days people seem to have difficulty understanding the concept of no room for parking. Its almost as if the entire universe would collapse into a black hole if they accepted no parking possible, NO, they MUST PARK, they drive here, they expect to park, they MUST PARK, if they have to park over your dead body they will still park. That part of the brain that understands no parking available is missing, they MUST PARK.


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27 May 2014
Check your property boundaries first to work out if you take action, or if the body corporate does.