My Ex-husband is in Breach of Consent Orders

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Molly Moodle

10 July 2014
Consent Orders were stamped by the Court in November 2013. It is now July 2014! My ex is in breach of all orders whereas I have complied with everything. We had four investment properties. And the family home, which was fully paid for by me. Stupid me had the property in both names! Anyway the Orders stated the family home be sold to payout a $400k debt, he left me with and payout one of the little investment properties, which was to be transferred to my sole name. This is now my home. The 3 investment properties were to be refinanced and transferred to his name.

He earns $200k per annum. I am living off my savings and nearly finished my studies. He has been married to his 4th wife for eighteen months; bought a house with her, 2 x BMWs, and has 6 motorbikes. I think when he signed the Orders he had no intention of complying. He obviously has a lot of debts/loans. The bank has rejected him for refinance. Unfortunately the investment properties are in my name. This was done because at the time they were positively geared. They are now negative, are in country towns and worth less than what we paid for them. My home is security over these loans.

He lives his 5-star lifestyle, while I live every day in fear of losing my home. My solicitor says there is nothing I can do. Surely this is not true. I desperately need help as my health is suffering.


Well-Known Member
19 April 2014
Hi Molly,
Have you asked your family solicitor again if there's anything else you can do or any other evidence you can provide to demonstrate a major breach of the consent orders?