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NSW Moving in with Girlfriend Soon - How to Protect Assets?

Discussion in 'Family Law Forum' started by Sam Daidone, 29 July 2015.

  1. Sam Daidone

    Sam Daidone Member

    29 July 2015
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    Can you give me some advice? I would like to know how to protect my assets under family law. I live in NSW. I have my own home and I have 2 teenage children. My girlfriend will be moving in with us soon. I'd like to know how to protect my assets in case we decide of a separation in the future. I will be the one to continue paying for the house e.g. rates, strata title, bank loan, insurance, etc. She will help pay for the water bill, gas, food etc.
  2. Sophea

    Sophea Well-Known Member

    16 April 2014
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    Hi Sam,

    You can look at having a binding financial agreement drafted that sets out how your assets will be dealt with if your relationship breaks down.

    You'll probably need to speak with a lawyer to do this because in order for a financial agreement to be legally binding, you and your girlfriend must both have obtained independent legal advice before you sign it.
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