WA How to Protect Family Assets?

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23 June 2017
My mother is in a difficult relationship with my father. He lives overseas with another woman, they are not divorced, and she doesn't want a divorce. They have a house they both own in Australia, where she lives.

Every few months he comes back to Australia, to collect his pension. Sometimes he stays with her, but does not treat her well. This time he has come back and wants a loan. He needs her to secure the loan with their shared house. I don't think he will ever pay back the loan, and worry she will lose her only asset. She will be intimidated by him to sign.

Is there anyway, as their adult children, we can do anything to help protect her, with or without her consent?


Well-Known Member
31 October 2015
I don't see how unless you feel your mother should be found not capable of looking after her own interest and you wish to take on guardianship.