VIC Misleading info by private seller when buying a car

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5 September 2019
I bought a Mazda cx 5 2014 6 months ago. According to log book it has done around 68k and he gave me rwc as well. The car broke down 2 days ago and I was told that whole engine need to be replaced which will cost me more than $12000. Shocked I called Mazda dealer where the servicing was done and they told me that the car has already done more than 280k Km. However in rwc and log book it only shows 66k km. The last two servicing was not done on Mazda though. The seller not only give me wrong details he managed to change the log book as well which is quite shocking. I paid to seller through bank transfer. Please suggest me what I can do. I am new so please help me.


Active Member
25 October 2016
Hi Patsy, I would suggest that the odometer has been replaced with one offering a lower reading. Sadly quite common. Often these cars are also ex written off repairable vehicles. I suggest you pay the small fee to get the entire history of the vehicle, including its odometer history and PPSR Certificate to determine if this is the case. If in Qld, it is an offence to misrepresent an odometer and tamper with one and may be the same in other states. It is usually an offence in Fair Trading Legislation. You have civil rights too through civil courts and tribunals and the searches I mention above would be required to prove your case.