Marriage overseas or here?

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rhapsody rue

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11 September 2014
Hello, I have been in a long term relationship with an overseas man. I am planning to wed him overseas, early 2021. I fully understand the procedure and have enlisted a lawyer overseas, to make sure, correct procedure is followed, so marriage is recognised here, in australia. We meet all criteria, as far as marriage is concerned.
My question as far as immigration law is concerned- does it matter which country we marry in? applying for partner visa after marriage it more favourable that we get married here? Will a valid overseas marriage be suffice?


26 January 2020
Well in this case you must need a proper advice from some Migration expert who specialised in applying partner visa. As long as you provide all the valid proofs and marriage certificates in English Language or translation .. It does not matter where your wedding is . But again to apply Partner visa's these days are not easy .. lots of evidence and requirements you have to meet. Please consult with some expert in Partner visa. thanks
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Tim W

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28 April 2014
Are you an Australian citizen yourself?

If so, then you are better off marrying here - so that you have easier access to the Australian Family Law system and Child Support regime.

Understand that him getting a Prospective Partner Visa is not simple or easy.
The burden of evidence is extensive (mere time is not enough).
(and don't you dare pay for it!)

Understand also that getting married overseas won't make this any easier, cheaper, or fatser.
Nor does marriage overseas automatically create a right for him to enter and/or remain in Australia.

He will need the advice of a lawyer who is also a Registered Migration Agent.
He can instruct an Australian lawyer from overseas.
A layman RMA won't be enough. That's because you and he will also need to make a Binding Financial Agreement,
and that will require a lawyer.