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    NT Annulment of Forced Marriages?

    I'm a migrant wife and I'm trying to understand the laws re: nullifiable marriages and forced marriage. I'm trying to understand the Australian view on marital consent and nullifiable marriages. A marriage can be annulled if consent was not freely given due to fraud, coercion, or mental...
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    NSW Partner's Previous Marriage Annulment - Is Paperwork Needed?

    I have a question relating to marriage and a previous annulment. My partner and I plan to get married next year. He got married once when he was young, but the marriage got annulled. He doesn't have any paperwork regarding this as things have been lost over the years with moving. We have not...
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    VIC Married Overseas - Can We Get Re-married in Australia?

    My wife and I were married eleven years ago in Vanuatu, now we would like to get married again by an Australian marriage celebrant and with an Australian marriage license. My wife decided that she wants to legally use her married surname but does not want to change her name by deed poll (Name...
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    Marriage Celebrant Bailed - Can We Still Get Married?

    Our marriage celebrant has bailed out on us 20 days before our wedding we have a new marriage celebrant but we don't have the required one calendar month and one day notice period. Is there any legal way under family law we can still get married on the day and sign all the relevant papers on...