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  1. Chokalo12

    Do I need an Australian marriage certificate for 820 visa

    Hey guys I’m an Australian citizen and my husband is an Zimbabwean citizen. We got married in America and now are wanting to go through the 820 visa process in order to live in Australia. We got married in America and we cannot get an Australian marriage certificate also because it’s against the...
  2. K

    QLD Married in Vanuatu - Marriage Certificate and Assistance with the Legalities?

    Hi, My husband and I were married in Vanuatu 15 years ago. At a time when there was no Google. When I got back, I used our marriage certificate to change my name on everything to my married name. A few years later, when I went to change my passport I wasn’t able to as they would only accept a...
  3. D

    QLD Has My Friend Committed Bigamy under Australian Law?

    My friend, an Australian citizen, agreed to a Muslim name change and entered into a Muslim religious service to marry a man in Bangladesh. They returned to Australia but separated a year or so after returning. My friend then met another man, they decided to marry and did so in Fiji, then...
  4. N

    NSW Apply for divorce without marriage certificate

    To apply for a divorce I need marriage certificate. My ex has it but he doesn't want to apply and doesn't do joint application either. The only way I can get divorce is to contact birth deaths and marriage registry and pay to get marriage cert ($56)and also pay for divorce fee myself ($900)...
  5. C

    Divorce without a marriage certificate?

    I was married in the Cook Islands over 13 years ago - we've been separated for over 10 years now. Unfortunately our marriage certificate was last many years ago and I've been unsuccessful in obtaining a copy from the Cook Islands Justice Department. I've obtained a copy from Births, Deaths &...
  6. DoubleZo7

    VIC Hypothetical for Book I am Writing

    I am writing a book set in Victoria in modern times. If the wife spent money that wasn't there, not knowing that the husband had huge gambling debts, would she be responsible to pay for them if the estate and insurance etc. is insufficient if the husband died? If not, what can I do to make her...
  7. S

    VIC I have been Married twice

    i was married in South Africa but never divorced. I moved to Australia where I was married again. I wish to divorce both men?
  8. M

    ACT Second marriage in Australia

    My wife and I married several years ago in Gibraltar (UK) and wish to get married again in Australia so that her family can be involved. I've been told that we can do this as the original marriage is only recognised in Australia if we present the marriage certificate and that this certificate is...
  9. S

    NSW NESS Super Dragging Out Superannuation Claims?

    I am the executor of will for my late husband's deceased estate and as such have put in a claim for my husband's superannuation. It should be noted that my husband passed suddenly while were we overseas on holiday (which made a very difficult situation even more so). In early September 2016, I...
  10. O

    Where to Submit Divorce Papers in Australia?

    Hi. I was separated from my husband since 23 December 2015 due to domestic violence. My husband was put under an AVO by court in Feb 2016. My husband was my sponsors to come Australia, and I got received my permanent residency in April 2016. Then after, I filed for a divorce under the...