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A deed poll (plural: deeds poll or deed polls) is a legal document binding only to a single person or several persons acting jointly to express an active intention. It is, strictly speaking, not a contract because it binds only one party and expresses an intention instead of a promise.

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  1. G

    VIC Married Overseas - Can We Get Re-married in Australia?

    My wife and I were married eleven years ago in Vanuatu, now we would like to get married again by an Australian marriage celebrant and with an Australian marriage license. My wife decided that she wants to legally use her married surname but does not want to change her name by deed poll (Name...
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    VIC How to Prove Permanent Residency Status?

    A friend is going through this at the moment. He arrived with his mother in 1964 at 4 years of age, from the UK, as part of the migration program at the time, intended to increase Australia's population. Her parents (his grandparents) had arrived only a couple of years before on the same...
  3. K

    TAS Name Change by Deed Poll?

    My husband is 57 and had Italian parents. When he was born they didn't speak English all that well and would have got someone to fill out any paperwork for them. He recently applied for a passport and found that his birth certificate has a female version of his name. While he is ok with his...