QLD Lump sum payment

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23 April 2020
I have a debt with credit corp for a personal loan I had back in 2015. The balance is at $8,185 currently and I am not occurring interest at the moment as I have been in financial hardship for some time and have made regular payments. Recently I applied to draw what little super I have out and was approved for the $6,000 I requested (which is all of my super) and I intend to use some of this money to pay out the debt. I want to offer them a lump sum settlement deal but would like to offer as little as possible because I am still in financial hardship and have a lot of other things I need to use the money for.

To put it in perspective, I have 5 dependant's and 1 on the way.

So my question is what is the Lowest percentage I could offer them to settle the debt?