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31 May 2014
Hey there,
I am looking at hosting a fundraiser later in the year to help me raise funds to make a wildlife documentary. I am the only one involved in the project so am not registered in anyway. I wondered what I needed to do in order to receive the money into my account from the punters. Will the bank question me for suddenly having all this money in my account?

What do I legal need to do to keep everything above board with the fundraising?

Many thanks


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25 April 2014
Hi Philippa,
My understanding is that you will need to set up a separate bank account for this fundraising purpose. Many years ago at university, I was involved in fundraising for some causes and I remember we had to set up a separate bank account to receive/deposit funds into.

Have a read of:
  • The Funding Centre - it has good information on fundraising, the law in each State (I'm not sure which State you're in) and seems to be promoting as a good option to receive funds once you set up your bank account.
  • The Fundraising Institute Australia.
You might also like to ask people to support you via a crowd funding website such as Pozible or Indiegogo.

Hope that helps and all the best with your wildlife documentary. Keep us updated with how you go!
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Tim W

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28 April 2014
Have a talk to the Arts Law Centre