Australian Consumer Law - Scam - Facebook Clicks Business?

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12 June 2014
I signed up for an internet marketing package 'Facebook Clicks', which turned out to be a scam. Their partner company 'optimal hosting' took my money for 'hosting', before I received any reply to questions I needed answered before I proceeded . The 7 day money back guarantee had run out with optimal hosting (a totally separate company, with different terms and conditions from Facebook Clicks). They agreed to 'offer me' a website in exchange for the money put in, then they refused to give me free reign over the website, and said I still had to pay for their 'hosting'. I'm left 300 dollars out of pocket; I'm convinced it was just a set-up for optimal hosting to get funds, by devious means. What should I do under Australian Consumer Law?


Hi Rachael,

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission provides some very useful information on how to protect yourself as a business and what steps need to take to make a complaint.

Making a complaint to the ACCC
If you have already unsuccessfully attempted to resolve the matter with the service provider, (which it appears you have), you can report the potentially unlawful behaviour of another business to the ACCC. For more info on how to file a complaint look here:

The ACCC can investigate alleged breaches of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and where necessary, take legal action against businesses that break the law.

You may also be able to take "fb clicks" and/or optimal hosting to the small claims court or tribunal in your state.

If you genuinely think that you have been scammed, check out the advice on this part of the ACCC's website:

I would first write to fb clicks and optimal hosting and request a refund on the basis that you haven't received what you paid for and that you will be filing a compliant with the ACCC if you don't get a refund. It might work, you never know.

Hope this helps.