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Fundraising or fund-raising is the process of seeking and gathering voluntary financial contributions by engaging individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies. Although fundraising typically refers to efforts to gather money for non-profit organizations, it is sometimes used to refer to the identification and solicitation of investors or other sources of capital for for-profit enterprises.
Traditionally, fundraising has consisted mostly of asking for donations through face-to-face fundraising, such as door-knocking. In recent years, though, new forms such as online fundraising or reformed version of grassroots fundraising have emerged.

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  1. P

    QLD Requirements for Not for Profit Fundraising Transparency?

    Does anybody know the reporting/transparency requirements for Not For Profit fundraising? Specifically - a Queensland-based sporting club is raising money to send a specific team to an event in 2020. If they hold fundraisers that are promoted specifically for this purpose, do the club and...
  2. M

    QLD Concerns Notice for Defamation - What to Do?

    I'm asking this on behalf of a friend (she has limited access to a computer). She's been sent a Concerns Notice via email today with a note that she'll be mailed a hardcopy in the next day or so. To set the scene here (and trying to be as brief as possible), imagine a small school of only 125...
  3. Jenny Claridge

    VIC Fundraising for Disaster Relief - Obligations Under Australian Law?

    Can I post on social media and get the community to meet, organise and fully volunteer, and donate (ie: supplies, service/talent) and then hold a community event and donate proceeds to State disaster relief fund? Everything will be posted on Facebook. Donations and fundraising activities will...
  4. Kym

    Crowd Funding Law in Australia

    Hi. I am just wondering if it is legal to do crowd funding through this American t-shirt place? We can create a campaign through them to raise funds for our rally, they print the t-shirts, post them to people that buy it and then pay us a commission on the t-shirts...
  5. P

    Legal Advice to Host a Fundraising Event

    Hey there, I am looking at hosting a fundraiser later in the year to help me raise funds to make a wildlife documentary. I am the only one involved in the project so am not registered in anyway. I wondered what I needed to do in order to receive the money into my account from the punters. Will...