Jacko's in Trouble Again - e-Cigarettes?

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12 June 2014
Hey all forum members,
Well I am in need of a great, not just good, but great lawyer. I have been flogging e-cigarettes at my market stall, and the local constabulary along with some other officious pointy heads visited me at my home and seized all my stock. They reckon it's illegal. Like I'm not stupid and have watched the news about the powers that want to be saying its legal but not legal. Go figure. So being Jacko, since they first hit the Australian market, I have really ramped my sales up and it feels good. So now they reckon that they are charging me with having a prohibited product under criminal law because one of my types of cigarettes had a eensy bit of nicotine in it. It's obviously going to be a fight in court given my priors but Jacko is cashed up. I'm ready to see a "great lawyer" and rearing to go against the prosecution. Please give me a pointer to where I would discover the great one. Thanks for the website too.


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12 June 2014
As a user of e-cigs (and former 50-a-day smoker) I feel your pain.

The way the law stands at present an individual may import nicotine - even in concentrated form - for personal use, but not sell it to the public. I have imported 250ml bottles of concentrate without issue.

So ... you goofed.

It is not illegal to sell e-cigs or related paraphenalia so long as they contain no nicotine. You should apply to have that stock returned to you.