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NSW Is Having an ABN Classified as a Registered Body?

Discussion in 'Commercial Law Forum' started by Steve500, 26 April 2016.

  1. Steve500

    Steve500 Well-Known Member

    10 March 2015
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    I'm looking at getting a share account, and I notice they have Company/Individual Citizen or "Registered Body" as some of the options. If you have an ABN (business), does that mean an ABN is classified as a Registered Body? Just a bit confused.
  2. Sophea

    Sophea Guest

    According to the Corporations Act, a registrable Australian body is a body corporate which has been formed or incorporated in Australia and includes exempt public authorities, corporations sole, foreign companies, financial institutions and associations registered under a state law. I don't believe a business with an ABN would be considered a registered body.

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