NSW Is Employer Obliged to Email Pay Slips on Request?

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20 November 2014
I'm writing to ask about my pay advice notifications.

The established practice in my workplace is to notify employees of our pay advice by distributing printed pay slips in sealed envelopes within the company. If the employee is not on shift when the slips are printed for distribution, the sealed envelopes are retained at a place in the workplace that is accessible to all employees.

My own personal belief is that this is paper waste, workplace clutter, and a privacy concern.

If I ask for my workplace to provide me with my pay advice not as a printed document distributed within the workplace but as an electronic attachment to an email sent to my personal email account at pay time, are they under any legal obligation to comply with my request under employment law? Or is it within their legal rights to refuse my request and continue supplying me with printed pay advice within the workplace, regardless of whether I am there to receive it at the time it is distributed?


Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Blueyonder,

No, the employer is only obliged to provide either an electronic or paper copy of the payslip. Have you tried making this request directly to your employer?

Here's a Fair Work Ombudsman information sheet on employer payslips.
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