SA Is 14yrs to long to settle Estate by exector ?

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    8 May 2018
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    We lost our parents 16 yrs ago there is a will, there is an exector ?? There were disputes on assets 2 benificaries had lawyers as no out come he owns , she wants ..... we purchased house dont know were any moneys went after handing them the cheque for sale of property ...anyway 14 yrs later here we are no response after all this time .... all assets stored in our shed etc no professional evalution ..... sister had done an inventory of items back in late 90's ...recently we had received a letter from acting exector with list & prices of assets accumulated from the internet?, same list from late 90's is this acceptable ? Saying we owe the other beneficiary's $ for assets or court procedding will commence?? Is there a statuary limitation in S.A., is there an offence in scattering ashes if they were asked to be placed in your care? Has the exector breached his duty of care and what should we do ?

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