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Discussion in 'Traffic Law Forum' started by Tom Clarkie, 21 March 2019.

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    21 March 2019
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    Hi all, I have just got an infringement notice for failing to indicate.
    I have lived in QLD for over 10 years and not got a single ticket, previous to that it was the NT for 2 years then 2 years in QLD, again not even a parking fine.
    Prior to that I lived in Vic and in maybe 2003-2004 I got my licence suspended for a month for speeding. (34k's over). I copped that fair n square.
    I told the cop I hadn't ever got a ticket before. ( i was nervous & a bit confused)
    Can the QLD police go back that far and check with VicRoads if I decide to contest it & how many years back interstate wise can the QLD police go?
    I did indicate & might try and fight it or see if they will cancel the infingement.
    Tom Clarkson Jnr
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    5 January 2018
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    In general, the good driving record is for the past 10 years (That is in NSW), I am not sure if they would go back to other states to see the info as your infringement is minor (not crossing red light for example), but this is my opinion only. What you can do is ask for a review (if applicable in your state).
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