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QLD Income Protection and Rights as the Insurer under Insurance Law?

Discussion in 'Insurance Law Forum' started by hurt246, 15 September 2015.

  1. hurt246

    hurt246 Member

    15 September 2015
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    Hi all,

    I've got a question relating to my rights as the insured, while making an income protection claim due to an injury OUTSIDE of work.

    I've been referred to a rehabilitation worker after my specialist dealing with my injury ticked a box saying yes to a question asking whether I would benefit from a rehabilitation program.

    My symptoms changed before my return to work date and I'm now awaiting surgery. This rehabilitation worker stated she was legally required to be present at all of my appointments to assist in my return to work. Now my situation has changed and a return to work is not on the cards for some time, she's still insisting that she attend all appointments. I do not believe she is legally required to be there. Am I correct?

    I asked my insurer and they stated her attendance would be once off to make a return to work plan. She's been once (I wasn't happy but was told I had to allow it) and now demanding to be there again.

    I don't like her. She twists my words, gives the insurer incorrect or incomplete information and on the previous appointment, questioned my doctor in a hallway without me being present when he left the room to get something.

    What are my rights under Insurance Law here? This woman is stressing me to the point I've considered suicide to escape it all. Please help!
  2. Lawyering mum

    Lawyering mum Well-Known Member

    26 September 2015
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    Generally speaking no, she doesn't have the right to present to all appointments. I would suggest that you have your treating surgeon write a letter to your insurer advising of the change in circumstances with your injury and recommend that the RTW person attend post surgery.

    Good luck

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