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Discussion in 'Traffic Law Forum' started by Tarek, 4 August 2018.

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    I recently came to Australia on a business tourist Visa with the intention of getting a short term work if visa which is still been processed. During my time here I haven't been paid at the job I'm doing because the visa has not come through. Only recently did I receive compensation for weekly expenses which is still lower than the wage I was promised. However I found out this week that I have accrued a huge fine from traffic speeding violations. I have also likely lost all my demerits points. I got 5 tickets in matter of a few weeks totalling $2500. This was on the company car. They will likely nominate me as the driver which is fair. I am also likely to be terminated from this job and will need to withdraw the visa which is also something I accept concerning the circumstances. My question now is I don't have the money to pay the fine. Being international I will likely need to leave the country without paying. I need advice on this. How will this affect me globally and in Australia. I also geel that in lieu of the salary the company should pay the fine if it is against the car. Thank you.
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    First, you did the traffic fines, not the company, although they provided for the car, then it is your responsibility to drive as per the law requires.
    Secondly, if the company short changed you in the salary you can seek legal advice on how to be compensated, but this will depend on whether you were legally able to work or not. You can talk to your employer and they may come to an arrangement with you regarding paying the fine.

    If you don't pay the fines, it will be recorded against you name and it will affect your future in coming back to Australia.

    My advice is to pay them, you can contact the authority responsible and make a payment plan, once it goes to court it will be against your name and it there will additional charges on top of the fines.
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