VIC I want to sue the dept for bullying and harassement

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15 April 2020
I want to report the toxic work culture at the Department of Human Services where no one came to Save me and I have sought extensive assistance from seeing the Employee Assistance Programs offered by the Organisation however, it was a total waste of my time because of the constant bullying and harassment I had faced at the Department, where my mental health and judgement was affected after a board room meeting I had with the DHS Corporate Board. One where the evil eyes and the constant stress and bullying I had faced from the staff has destroyed my mental health and judgement.

Now, I was advised I had to attend this meeting at the last minute back in September 2018.

I am seeing a personal psychologist at the moment and he has advised me that it's quite sad that the Department you work for does not even care about you so much for the Department having a system called "We Care" I was advised by the team at Medicare that I am not coming back to Medicare and management from all sides did not take a Duty of care at all. I got promoted to the Corporate Support team however, I was put straight into that role to either sink or swim and management tried to salvage however, the damage was already done and I asked to move to a different floor and it was denied. I would appreciate if you can have this matter escalated onto a royal commission as to how toxic and how bad the management is at DHS, where staff from medicare, centrelink are and by the time I asked for management to decide it was already too little too late. Now, I had to resign from that entire department, completely.

I am in the process of discussing this with HR but I had to resign after being called a Hitler by one of my staff member and I knew it was the right time for me to quit. From the perception of management, I was trying to climb the ladder because x came up to me saying that I am not scared of you at all however, after seeing how badly staff are treated I think my dream of becoming a good leader has been shelved and also joining the Australian Space Agency as well.

Management also used words like "Damned if you Damned if you Don't" Please note that this was the first time I had joined the Corporate side as well.. No one advised me what I was getting myself into and as a result everyone was being selfish in that Department, where hardly anyone came up to my desk to tap me on the shoulder to ask if I was ok. A handful of the medicare staff members asked if I was ok and I have great respect for those people. I was discriminated at that workplace by the staff members and by then the damage was done.

I have had moments of fight or flight responses due to the fact that staff would creep up on me due to the micromanagement of Softphone system where I was constantly on the phones all day long and then promoted but staff using my nativity for their own selfish gain also I was socially isolated in that Corporate Support role. Management was well aware of my condition yet they offered no assistance. It felt like I was not in control in the team environment. I had severe anxiety attacks certain words trigger my anxiety attacks and in the end it has destroyed my mental health and to think by myself. I was used like a puppet by everyone one of the staff members and my personality has changed as well.

I have an human rights commission meeting with them next month what should I do?
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