QLD How to respond to a Notice of Claim

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2 May 2020
I am a Registered Nurse and 2 years ago had a client suffer a complication to a lip filler treatment. The possible complications had been discussed with the client prior to the treatment and she had signed a Treatment Consent. She was managed appropriately and her minor medical costs were covered. 2 years on she has filed a Notice of Claim, for unspecified costs. The insurance company for Professional Indemnity at the time of the incident, refuses to cover me as i did not notify them of a possible claim and the present insurance company (at time of claim) refuses on the same basis.
I have written to both insurance companies asking them to reconsider, but they have declined, I was also unsuccessful with AFCA.
I had representation of a solicitor who also tried to get the insurance company to reverse their decision but was again unsuccessful - at a cost of $5000, I am reluctant to continue with him.

I have 2 weeks to respond to the claim and am wondering if this can be done without legal representation. My prescribing doctor and myself are wanting to write a letter refuting that any malpractice was involved. Is there a specific way we need to respond to this claim? Many thanks for any advice.