NSW how to handle divorce while 187 visa pending

Discussion in 'Immigration Law Forum' started by fred666, 8 May 2018.

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    8 May 2018
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    My employer spondored my 187 RSMS application last year - me as the primary applicant, and my wife as the dependant applicant. While we are waiting for the visa, our relationship is not going very well this year, and we agreed to apply for divorce. My question is after the divoice if I need to ask my employer to withdraw and re-do the full application, or i should keep the normination appliction, just file circumstance changes to my existing subclass 187 visa application, i.e. drop my wife from the 187 subclass visa application. Or I need to withdraw the 187 subclass visa application, and ask my employer to submit a new 187 subclass visa? I understand there is a cost with the subclass visa application, and I really donot want to piss my sponsor manager off for my own personal reasons.

    I feel really stressed and frustrated these days about the pending visa and marriage status change. can someone please help me understand what I should do in this situation?

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