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QLD How to Deal with Domestic Violence Order and False Accusations?

Discussion in 'Criminal Law Forum' started by The System is #%$&!*, 8 June 2016.

  1. The System is #%$&!*

    8 June 2016
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    I have had a DVO (Domestic Violence Order) put on me from someone I was trying to help out and I was not in a relationship with this person but still had a DVO put on me. She has lied on the DVO stating that we rented a house together and that we were in a relationship.

    She was staying with me simply because the police would bring her to my house every time they picked her up, and that she had 3 children and these children lived with us the whole time. I never even knew heard of these children til it was submitted on the dvo. then she goes on to me accusing me of stabbing and attacking her, trying to drown her, beating her, plus that she was pregnant.

    Today at court she was a no show with the judge stating she had given birth, but was not apparently due til months later. But she also stated in this that the father of baby was my partner and that he has raped her. When the police served me a DVO and also brought her with them to remove her belongings which were in a spare room that also had some of my belongings in there too and she also states that I have her car.

    She has never owned a car since I have known her but she still wants this imaginary car and personal items back. I don't have any of her stuff. She is slandering our good names everywhere, where I was supposed to start work at a school but because of temp DVO, I could lose my blue card and I could not work with these children.

    I'm gutted, please let me know if anyone has any suggestions.
  2. Mackaygirl33

    Mackaygirl33 Active Member

    9 June 2016
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    I know you may have already heard this but I didn't want to read and run. Is it still a temporary DVO? If so you have time before the next court date to obtain legal advice and contest it.

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