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4 January 2021
So last night I think I left my phone in a taxi, but I didn’t clue onto this until the morning. I accessed “find my iPhone” and found it was most likely at the police station. Then I checked my email and found there was an email from. A Transit and Public Safety constable at 2am stating that “a phone belonging to me had been turned into the police station and to reply to the email to get my phone back”. I did and got a reply “to go retrieve my phone at the police station and to show police person this email and to call beforehand to check the time making sure someone would be there” as person emailing said he didn’t work at that police station. When I got to the station and showed email, Eventually a lady returned my phone to me and asked how I knew my phone had been turned in. I told her I had been emailed and she didn’t know how.

My questions are how did the constable know my phone had been turned in ? (And especially if he didn’t work at the station it was turned into ) and how was my email address linked to my phone (locked with a passcode) .
I’ll note that my email address and was the same as my Apple ID.
Can anyone please explain this ??