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    19 September 2018
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    Hi guys,

    I am new in here so please be soft with me.
    We purchased our new house (new built) few months ago and the developer (the previous owner) is off the grid and not answering our calls or emails.
    We havnt got the house documents yet - the certificates for gas,electricity and water + the appliances warranty and manuals + house built plans.
    My neighbour which bought the same house as ours got all of these documents once entered the house. I was told that in our case the developer switched agencies so the folder is with him.
    My agent says that he never got those files, i also contacted the builder and he is saying that he forwarded the documents to the developer.
    I don’t know what can i do from here, and if there is any legalisation for it. How can i chase him and make him forward me the house documents?
    Any advice will be much appreciated.


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