Homework Question - Estoppel Case with Director and Another Director's Wife?

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11 June 2016
Suppose this is a promissory estoppel case:

A - Director of a company
B - Director of another company
C - B's wife

Suppose that the scenario is similar to Cosmopolitan Hotel v Crown Melbourne (2014).

A is leasing premises to B. B wants a longer lease. For it to be renewed, A sees B's wife, C, at a Christmas party. During the conversation A says that he will 'look after' B if he abides by the terms of the lease. Then A requires B to vacate the premises at the end of the lease.

A makes a promise to C. Would it be reasonable for B to rely on it if it was made to his wife?

It makes me think of Legione v Hateley where a promise involved a secretary, and that was not reasonable. So my guess is that B's wife would not be reasonable but I'm not sure.

Victoria S

Well-Known Member
9 April 2014
I would also consider the fact that the promise is quite vague - A simply stated that he would "look after" B. Was there any other information about the conversation between A and C?
For it to be renewed, A sees B's wife, C, at a Christmas party.
This is a strangely worded sentence. Did A approach C to discuss renewal?