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  1. contractlaw123@

    Homework Question: Criminal Law-Partial Defences

    Hey guys, stuck on a trick question, I have most of it figured out, just stuck on partial defences: The legal problem involves the defendant hacking into a hospital to see how a friend is doing but this results in malfunctioning of patients, blood-thinning machinery. The question asks if any...
  2. B

    Homework Question - Leases: Outstanding Rent and Loss of Trade

    Hi, I'm doing a homework question on IRAC about the following scenario: - Jess takes out a 3 term lease for tenancy in a shopping centre to open a cafe at $4,000 payable at the beginning of each month. After having conversations with the landlord, Matt , she is told that she'd be eligible for...
  3. T

    NSW Nonfatal Strangulation

    Hi, Does anyone know any NSW statutory provision is about non-fatal strangulation offence? Tina
  4. H

    Homework Question - Law Enforcement Responses to Cyber Bullying?

    Law enforcement responses to cyber bullying??
  5. procrastinasian

    Homework Questions - Suggestions for Usage of This Forum

    I am glad that a forum like this exists for students to better engage with each other and connect with the public, as well as qualified legal professionals. Some of the threads I have seen were very "close to home" in terms of expressing the fears and concerns that we as law students face once...
  6. S

    Homework Question - B Grade Average in Law School?

    I just cannot seem to crack an A for any of my core law subjects! I have received a B for every single core subject so far, with only a few A grades in my Arts subjects (which is my second degree). I try my absolute best but I never seem to get there! I'm in my third year right now and I have...
  7. A

    Homework Question - Health and Medicine Law

    Firstly hello everyone. I registered on this legal forum today. I am from Turkey and I am lawyer. I want to write an article but I need some sources on Australian law. I will write about malpractice in other countries (including Australia) and can you let me know about book or articles on health...
  8. K

    Homework Question - Unintentional Tort

    Stuck on this problem here; hoping someone could help me out. Case relates to unintentional tort law / negligence John, a professional tennis player, takes his accountant Esther to lunch at one of his restaurants to discuss life on the circuit and also his business affairs. Esther is aware of...
  9. C

    Homework Question - Legal Subject

    If I display prescription drugs with the price stated on each cardboard pack of drugs, I am making an offer to any customer who walks in. FALSE There is no limit to the number of people that I can make an offer to. TRUE There is no requirement for an intention to create legal relations in order...