QLD Hidden Passport - Grandparents Keeping Children from Father?

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3 May 2019
I'm a single father. I’ve been living and working overseas for more than 15 years and wife passed away. My children, 11 and 15 years old, were born and raised overseas where I’m living. I allowed them to live with my parents and go to school in Australia for the last 3 years to study English. Been in regular contact with children and involved in their life and schooling and they have always been cooperative and good kids.

Recently the children have been saying they want to stay in Australia and refuse to come back. Earlier this year I tried to pick them up and take them back but was prevented access to them after a couple of days staying at home. Grandparents hid their passports which the Australian Passport Office have said is illegal. Lawyers have said grandparents cannot have the children legally. There are no Parenting Orders in place. I’m wondering what’s the best course of action to get them to come back.

Tim W

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28 April 2014
Are you, or was their mother, an Australian national?