SA Given job offer but employer thinking about retracting contract prior to starting

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20 July 2020
Hey guys,
Was excited because i received a formal job offer from SA health as a dentist. They gave me a contract to sign (yet to sign) however this morning via email from HR stating that they need to do additonal checks- issue was some misconduct against a patient (which the patient though he received substandard care- and the dentist board suspended me for 3 months and imposed conditions). In the email to the contact person before applying for the job i had disclosed that i was suspended but now uplifted and in general said brief points of the condition (but not everything)- this was an informal email- and i received the general yes please apply.

I applied, there wasn't an area to disclose anything about this, but i had to give my dentist registration number which of course a simple online check would list the conditions . Anyway I assumed they had read the conditions before sending me a job offer and contract to sign. There was no area of the application that needed to disclose any of this.

Now i'm worried they may retract the contract. I haven't actually signed it. If i sign it would they be less likely to retract the contract? What avenues can I take- i really dislike the idea of legal action as I have worked in SA health for a while. My situation is now i am unemployed so I didn't resign from another job so there wasn't really any income lost anyway...but i just feel they should have done the obvious checks prior to sending me a formal job offer and contract

Feeling up and down since all this, Hope someone can provide some advice


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27 May 2014
Sign and return it asap if you want the job and the contract terms are acceptable to you.

Issue is whether the email retracts the job offer. Can't say without reading it. All you can do now is try and get in by signing and returning the job offer. Hopefully you have not replied to the HR email.