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    I traveled to US few years back and on arrival, I was refused entry into the country by the immigration as they found me Inadmissible according to their claim. I returned back to my home country the same day with my return ticket. Now I'm trying to apply for a British visa, on the form there is a question which asked if I have been deported or removed from UK or any country before. I will like to know if I should click yes for this or NO, reason is I don't know if Entry refusal falls under Deportation categories. Please this is important need all the answers.
    It is very important to me as I don't want to face any ban on completing my applcation
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    Check the notes/guide that goes along with the application, there should be something somewhere. It will ultimately depend on what the UK authorities consider it to mean. However, I would consider that a refusal of entry means you did not actually enter the country and, therefore, you were neither removed nor deported.

    I would also guess there will be some other question which will cover your situation.
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