VIC ford mondeo power shift transmission.

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ian walker

14 December 2017
Bought car from Manheim Pty Ltd in October 2016,the car shuddered immediately on take off. Engaged hill start aid still shuddered. The car is a 2013 model and was just out of warranty.
Had transmission oil changed and serviced at 55000km as ford require gearbox oil change by 60000km.
Still had problem. Took to ford and they used fork to reset the gearbox. Still same problem.
Car now is undriveable. Transmission out and check.
Spoke to ford and they were going to replace/repair box. I however mentioned that the car was purchased through an auction. Even though ford are replacing these gearboxes because of a manufacturing fault my car misses out because of consumer laws. I bought this 1 owner car in good faith with full service history but now this car because of the cost of repair and low resale, (transmission failure is well documented) will force me to sell an otherwise great car to the motor recyclers/wreckers.
Ford are using this law in a way that, I am sure the lawmakers did not anticipate. I am 72 years old' sold my honda accord because of its mileage' to buy this car as probably my last vehicle. I am sure the honda would still be going. I sold it because if the car developed a fault it would not be worth repairing.
How wrong was I. I guess ford are happy as long as there are profits and the share holders are content.
What about the customer?


Active Member
15 February 2018
Hi Ian,

Wondering how you got on with your car???

I've just had an even worse situation today from a Manheim purchase and it's quite ugly. Would have picked up the issue in a heartbeat if you were allowed to drive the cars to check things. Transmission and transfer case in a Land Rover Discovery = $15k +

Hoping there might be some light out there to keep me from being ruined.


ian walker

14 December 2017
i have contacted both the accc and consumer affairs. Both of them would not help because of the auction legislation. It seems,as usual these highly paid bureaucrats cannot or will look outside the square. The legislators did not envisage low mileage 1 owner logbook serviced vehicles being auctioned. The law should be changed to stop companies dumping these defective vehicles thru the auctions. This is a manufacturing flaw not a driver related flaw
looks like i have lost at least $11,000
boy am i happy

Tim W

LawTap Verified
28 April 2014
...cannot or will look outside the square.
Public servants have pretty much no discretion in this area.
They can only act as the law permits.