QLD First DUI Offence Under Traffic Law - Fine and Disqualification Period?

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18 October 2015
One week ago I got caught driving in qld with midrange 0.13! My first DUI offence. I came home with a taxi after few beers and maybe 1h later I stupidly decided to get a coke from the petrol station 2 min away! I shouldn't have driven. I don't really want them to get my work licence otherwise I couldn't go and see my son for even longer!

What fine and disqualification period am I looking at under Traffic Law? If I lose my current job, I would have to go on the dole because I need to travel and can't drive then. Do you recommend taking a lawyer and why?



Well-Known Member
2 October 2015
Dear Rik,

The penalties that can be applied can be found in this article:
Being charged with drink driving | Transport and motoring | Queensland Government

In regards to your license, it would probably be a good idea to see a local lawyer who specialises in traffic law. They may be able to persuade the judge to award you an extraordinary drivers license in order for you to be able to drive to attend work only.

See [url="https://lawanswers.wufoo.com/forms/get-connected-with-the-right-lawyer-for-you/"]Get Connected with the Right Lawyer for You [/URL]to be connected to a local lawyer who specialises in traffic law.

Good luck.