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The BAC 167 Strikemaster is a British jet-powered training and light attack aircraft. It was a development of the Hunting Jet Provost trainer, itself a jet engined version of the Percival Provost, which originally flew in 1950 with a radial piston engine.

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    QLD DUI First Offence - What to Do?

    I have some queries regarding a DUI I received. I had a BAC of 0.061 and this was my first ever offence (I was coming out of the race track and everybody had to blow). I am a 32 years old Canadian (the limit is 0,08 in Canada I didn't know I was breaking the law) on a working holiday visa doing...
  2. G

    QLD Drink Driving Charge

    I have been charged with drink driving and am waiting to appear in court. I admitted to the police that I had had a few drinks that day as it was my birthday, but drinks were paced as I was preparing, cooking ans socialising. Later in the evening I left after an argument with my partner...
  3. T

    QLD Drink Driving - BAC 0.175

    I was recently pulled over for drink driving and I blew a BAC of 0.175 which is apparently 4 times the legal limit. This is my first drink driving offence. I have a fairly good history on my licence with just a few speeding fines. I am on my open drivers licence. My court date is in 3 weeks in...
  4. J

    NSW Drink Driving DUI - Possible Outcomes?

    Last night I received a DUI (drink driving), reading a BAC of 0.084 first offence with a clean driving record. I have a court date, 5/6/15 Moruya Local Court. I am suspended until this date. I am 50years & I work in Batemans Bay, 45km away. My wife is sick & will now have to drive the 45km 4...