VIC First DUI - Does It Take Long to Get Results?

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Active Member
18 August 2015
Hi there,

I was pulled over in early June and tested positive for methamphetamine. It's a first DUI for me and last! I wasn't on the drug when I was driving. I tried it for the first time few days before and thought it wouldn't be in my system; I was wrong :(

Anyway, the officer said the lab results take a few weeks, and he will call me with results. Firstly, ringing isn't normal procedure is it? And does it take this long for results ? I just want it to be over. I'm hoping for a traffic infringement notice. I don't want to go to court :(


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10 February 2015
Coppers ring all the time. Be just telling you the result is in and what you can expect. Yes can take a few weeks up to 3 months or more depending on the workload at the labs. First DUI is a penalty notice with a fine and loss of licence.


Active Member
2 August 2016
It can take a few months. You might not get a phone call, you may just receive a field court attendance notice in the mail. If you're in NSW you'll be charged and have to go to court... not too sure about other states/territories.