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Driving under the influence (DUI) is the crime or offense of driving, operating, or being in control of a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or other drugs (including recreational drugs and those prescribed by physicians), to a level that renders the driver incapable of operating a motor vehicle safely.

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  1. D

    Reporting DUI to insurance

    Hello, I was in an accident where my car was written off in a collision with another vehicle. Both the other drive and I were fine afterwards and since it was an accident scene, I was taken to hospital for a blood test to check for alcohol and drugs. I reported the accident to my insurance...
  2. B

    NSW DUI 2nd time but previous one was 10 years ago

    Hi I got caught drink driving high range I have been Caught before for drink driving high range but it was 10 years ago. when I was released by the police my licence was suspended immediately but I didn’t get no court notice just curious if I will be going to court ? And if I do what will my...
  3. Showme 222

    NSW Will DUI Go on Criminal Record?

    Hi there, I blew 0.52 and received a $572 DUI fine and a 3-month suspension but I want to know, will it go on my criminal record? It’s my first offence with no priors. How hard is it to appeal for section 10? For jobs...
  4. Q

    QLD DUI First Offence - What to Do?

    I have some queries regarding a DUI I received. I had a BAC of 0.061 and this was my first ever offence (I was coming out of the race track and everybody had to blow). I am a 32 years old Canadian (the limit is 0,08 in Canada I didn't know I was breaking the law) on a working holiday visa doing...
  5. L

    NSW prior dui conviction

    15 years ago I was convicted of mid range drink driving. My license was suspended for 9 months and I received a $1000 fine. (A bot heavy I think as it was a first offence and no accident occerred). I have to get a police check done for a teaching job and was wondering if my conviction has been...
  6. A

    NSW DUI... Can I get it spent

    Hi. I have a DUI from NSW with a reading of 0.086 from 2015. It is currently obstructing me from getting a working holiday visa to Canada. Can I apply to have the conviction spent, if so how do I go about this? It was a first and only offence. I was convicted, fined $300 and my licence suspended...
  7. Complex16

    QLD Final Orders Sought - Thoughts and Suggestions?

    Hi all, I am looking for some fresh eyes/perspectives and guidance please on final orders to seek in my matter. Happy to answer questions if you need further info, but will provide a summary to kick things off :-D Current consent orders are that I have sole parental responsibility on an...
  8. S

    NSW What does "permanent stay" in DUI case mean?

    Thank you.
  9. B

    VIC DUI charge in WA but Vic licence

    Hi all, I have just been charged with drink driving while on a weekend trip to WA. I reside in Victoria and hold a Victorian drivers license. I received an immediate disqualification for two months and was told I will receive a court summons where I believe a minimum 7 month disqualification...
  10. C

    TAS dui enquiry driving in question

    dec i was pulled over for a dui (thc) after the lick stick (positive thc) was taken to the hospital for blood test. I asked the officer if he was going to drive me home or take me back to the car. he told me that having come back it probably wouldn't be ok for me to drive. however on the way...