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Driving under the influence (DUI) is the crime or offense of driving, operating, or being in control of a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or other drugs (including recreational drugs and those prescribed by physicians), to a level that renders the driver incapable of operating a motor vehicle safely.

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  1. S

    VIC First Offence DUI high range

    Hi Everyone, I'm a P plater who has been done for hugh range DUI (0.17). Police were called to single vehicle accident, no injuries or damage to third party property. If I plead guilty in court I understand minimum periods apply for suspension and interlocks. So is there any reason to go to...
  2. C

    NSW Police threat of high range DUI

    I do not drink at all nor do I use drugs. I have nothing to fear from any legit RBT. I went to the local police to report my neighbour for vandalizing my car (caught him red-handed twice). The police officer behind the counter threatened me that if I did not leave the station immediately I...
  3. P

    VIC DUI blood test procedure code of practice

    Hello all Am seeking the specific legislation for the procedure for DUI blood test. Specifically . the availability of a portion of the sample for the blood giver for independent testing . Thank you
  4. D

    Reporting DUI to insurance

    Hello, I was in an accident where my car was written off in a collision with another vehicle. Both the other drive and I were fine afterwards and since it was an accident scene, I was taken to hospital for a blood test to check for alcohol and drugs. I reported the accident to my insurance...
  5. B

    NSW DUI 2nd time but previous one was 10 years ago

    Hi I got caught drink driving high range I have been Caught before for drink driving high range but it was 10 years ago. when I was released by the police my licence was suspended immediately but I didn’t get no court notice just curious if I will be going to court ? And if I do what will my...
  6. Showme 222

    NSW Will DUI Go on Criminal Record?

    Hi there, I blew 0.52 and received a $572 DUI fine and a 3-month suspension but I want to know, will it go on my criminal record? It’s my first offence with no priors. How hard is it to appeal for section 10? For jobs...
  7. Q

    QLD DUI First Offence - What to Do?

    I have some queries regarding a DUI I received. I had a BAC of 0.061 and this was my first ever offence (I was coming out of the race track and everybody had to blow). I am a 32 years old Canadian (the limit is 0,08 in Canada I didn't know I was breaking the law) on a working holiday visa doing...
  8. L

    NSW prior dui conviction

    15 years ago I was convicted of mid range drink driving. My license was suspended for 9 months and I received a $1000 fine. (A bot heavy I think as it was a first offence and no accident occerred). I have to get a police check done for a teaching job and was wondering if my conviction has been...
  9. A

    NSW DUI... Can I get it spent

    Hi. I have a DUI from NSW with a reading of 0.086 from 2015. It is currently obstructing me from getting a working holiday visa to Canada. Can I apply to have the conviction spent, if so how do I go about this? It was a first and only offence. I was convicted, fined $300 and my licence suspended...
  10. Complex16

    QLD Final Orders Sought - Thoughts and Suggestions?

    Hi all, I am looking for some fresh eyes/perspectives and guidance please on final orders to seek in my matter. Happy to answer questions if you need further info, but will provide a summary to kick things off :-D Current consent orders are that I have sole parental responsibility on an...