VIC Fine for Doing a U Turn onto Other Side of Road?

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7 May 2015
Hi, I just got fined for exiting a parking space and driving over a single white line to enter the opposite lane. (U turn). My query is whether this is considered entering the road?

The other issue I noticed on the infringement notice is that the 'Approximate time of offence is stated as 16:45pm when it was at least 5:15pm.

The Section with 'information about the offence' is illegible. I did not ask the police man anything just took the fine and left as I had to be somewhere.


Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Publicbar,

In relation to the time error:

An irregularity on the form of the firm will not invalidate the fine. The police can always issue you another fine with the correct time if you raise issue with it. In court, the fine will not be set aside on this ground.

In relation to the actual fine:

If the line you crossed was on a road (i.e. not in the parking lot) then you are in breach of traffic laws. Road users are prohibited from doing U-turns on a single solid line on roads (see VicRoads Road Markings). As far as I know, there is no exception to this rule for coming out of a drive-way or "entering the road".