SA Fine Amount Incorrect for Speed?

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18 September 2019
Good Morning Law Answers,

I unfortunatly didnt notice a speed change that went from 80 to 60 and back to 80 and was fined for doing 82 in a 60 zone, which I do not dispute rules are rules.

However looking into the fine amounts for listed on for SA and the the different tiers of speeding, I seem to be fined for the the 30km/h to 44km/h tier? the total is $870.

The breakdown of fines on my Expiation Notice is, Expiation fee $810 + Levy $60.

The blog I pulled the information about the different tiers doesn't appear to have been updated since 2015, but a $100 increase on fines in 4 years seems excessive..

Any clarification would be appreacciated, I would much rather not have to pay more than I have to.