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  1. J

    SA Speeding Fine

    Hi, Can we nominate another driver for a speeding fine issued by a police officer on a highway? Thanks Kevin
  2. S

    SA Fine Amount Incorrect for Speed?

    Good Morning Law Answers, I unfortunatly didnt notice a speed change that went from 80 to 60 and back to 80 and was fined for doing 82 in a 60 zone, which I do not dispute rules are rules. However looking into the fine amounts for listed on LawAnswers.com.au for SA and the the different tiers...
  3. clarky

    SA Can I Contest Expiation Notice?

    Hi all, I recently received an expiation notice for "using a handheld mobile device" while I was driving, however, this was given to me without having committed the offence. The Situation: I was driving down the highway with my mobile phone plugged into the car charger sitting in my centre...
  4. A

    SA Time Limit of Expiation Notice?

    I have a question about time limit of expiation notice in SA. An expiation notice must be issued within 6 months from the date on which the offence was alleged to have committed [see Expiation of Offences Act 1996 (SA) s 6(1)(e)] I was arrested today and SA police was trying to issue expiation...
  5. H

    SA Issued Parking Fines by Council - Legal?

    I received an expiation notice from the council while on private property. Can they do this? Also they fined me for exceeding the time limit parking fines where no limit was shown. Then they sent a reminder notice with a reminder fee that exceeds the expiation fee. i.e. $50 fine plus $60...
  6. T

    SA Taking a Fine for a Friend and False Statutory Declaration?

    A friend of mine has signed a false Statutory Declaration saying i was the driver of his vehicle at the time of a speeding expiation notice. Things have gone sour in the relationship and he/she is refusing to pay the fine. I have started paying the fine by instalments as I cannot afford to pay...